Pricing guidelines

Because every cake is different, it is difficult to give a generic pricing for our Celebrations Cake range. While the size of the cake will influence the price, the hours spent on the artwork and decorations are the main cost drivers for our cakes.

The more intricate and labour intensive the design, the higher the cost will be.

As there are a number of ways to do one of our cakes, our designer and decorator will work with you to ensure your cake has the maximum impact for your budget.

Wedding cake guidelines

Indicative prices for a 'stacked' dark fruit cake or unfilled chocolate mud cake with a smooth covering of white, ivory or chocolate flavoured fondant icing edged with ribbon follow:

  • 1 tier - starts from $200 (28cm/11 inch round)
  • 2 tiers - start from $300 (28cm/11 inch & 20cm/8 inch round; 100 small finger sized serves - not cutting the top tier)
  • 3 tiers - start from $400 (28cm/11 inch, 20cm/8 inch & 13cm/5 inch round; 150 small finger sized serves - not cutting the top tier)
  • 4 tiers - start from $500 (30cm/12 inch, 23cm/9 inch, 15cm/6 inch & 8cm/3 inch round; 200 small finger sized serves - not cutting the top tier)

Special occasion cake guidelines

Prices for other special occasion cakes, iced with either a simple chocolate ganache or frosting, and presented on a silver cardboard cheesecake board, start as low as $50. Prices for our cupcakes start at $3 each.

Helpful hints to minimise the cost of your cake

  • One of the most expensive costs relating to a cake is the labour required to decorate it, so the less detailed it is, the less expensive your cake will be.
  • Order a small wedding cake to show your guests, but cut up bulk "kitchen cakes" and serve them as dessert - your guests will never know.
  • A plain iced cake which you have decorated yourself with fresh flowers can look stunning.
  • Foam layers may be added for a cake that looks large, but costs little.
  • If small pieces of your cake are being served with coffee, you need only cater for 70% of your guests.

Things to note

  • All our cakes are home baked to order.
  • Prices include GST. The cost of artwork, flowers, boxing for transport, delivery and table dressing is extra.
  • Deposit of 30% of the cost of the cake will be required to confirm your order. The balance is payable upon collection/delivery.
  • All details will be confirmed in writing.
  • Please ask for more information.