Flavours and ingredients - Icings and fillings

Today's celebration cakes are moving away from the tradition of a solid fruit or butter cake. Fillings between layers of cake are becoming popular as they provide the bride with a wide range of choice from white or dark chocolate, to cream cheese frosting, lemon cheese and fruit based fillings.

Covering cakes with some sort of icing will help to stop them drying out and preserve them longer. At Cakes plus we have a large range of icings and fillings for you to choose from. If there is something you would like that is not on the list, it is likely we will be able to provide it for you.

Almond Paste

At Cakes Plus, we make our own almond paste. Delicately flavoured with sweet sherry (or orange juice if you prefer) it has a great taste, imparts a lovely flavour to a fruit cake and prevents it from staining the fondant. It is essential for cakes that need to be kept for any length of time before cutting.

Black Forest Filling

Macharino Cherries are thickened and flavoured with Kirsch to make this rich tangy filling. It combines well with our rich chocolate mud cake, and can be used in conjunction with whipped cream in a rolled chocolate sponge cake. We have a gluten free version if you require.


Buttercream is used widely in America both to fill and decorate special occasion cakes. In Australia it is mainly used for children's birthday cakes. Should you wish to use butter cream we have a recipe which stands up well in hot weather. Buttercream may be flavoured with vanilla essence,finely grated lemon or orange rind, coffee, almond essence or cocoa powder.

Chocolate Ganache

Chocolate Ganache is a rich, sweet icing which is often whipped and used to fill cakes. A little delicate to the touch, it can look spectacular as a shiny chocolate ganache covering. Available in dark or white chocolate, or butterscotch.

Cream Cheese Frosting

With its sweet tangy cheese overtones a cream cheese frosting is popular as both a filling and frosting. It may be flavoured with vanilla or lemon for more of a tang and is an ideal accompaniment for our Hummingbird and Carrot cakes. Colouring of this frosting is a light shade of cream, rather than pure white.

Lemon Curd/Lemon Butter Filling

Traditional and tangy, lemon curd is an old fashioned family favourite filling for a sponge cake or pavlova topping combined with whipped cream. Gluten free it can be enjoyed by coeliacs and those requiring a wheat free diet.


Meringue is made from whipping together egg whites, sugar and cream of tartar over hot water, before spreading on the cake with a palette knife. The meringue finish creates a luxurious looking edible icing and accompanies fresh flowers perfectly. Warning: Meringue does not hold up well in humidity and wet weather. If the cake requires transportation it needs to be carefully packed as the soft texture of the meringue can be easily damaged. Gluten-free it is suitable for coeliac's and those requiring a wheat-free diet.

Mock Cream

A light creamy filling made by whipping butter, sugar, vanilla flavouring and water together to a smooth creamy texture, mock cream is an alternative to real cream which has better keeping qualities. Ideal for filling sponge cakes, light chocolate cakes and cupcakes, mock cream is a must for our honey sponge. This is a gluten free filling, we are also able to supply a vegan alternative.

Passionfruit Curd Filling

Traditional and tangy, you can't beat old fashioned passionfruit curd (or you might know by the name of "Passionfruit Butter")as a filling for a sponge cake or a pavlova topping combined with whipped cream. Gluten free, it can be enjoyed by coeliac's, and those requiring a wheat free diet.

Rolled Fondant (Gluten Free & Vegan Fondants Available)

Rolled fondant is the stylish choice for brides who want a very smooth and elegant look to their cake. It is a firm icing which makes a stable surface for sugar craft flowers, applique, or piped details. This icing is not as palatable as other icings. To reduce the cost to our customers, we use purchased prepared fondant for our formal cakes. Available in white, ivory, white chocolate or dark chocolate, in our opinion, the dark chocolate has a better flavour than the other alternatives. White fondant may be tinted to match, or contrast with, your colour scheme. Fondant does not combine with some of the fruit and cream based fillings which cause the fondant to break down. Moisture and refrigeration will spoil fondant icing.

Shiny Chocolate Icing

You won't believe the scheen of our tasty Shiny Chocolate Icing. Be careful, the pristine finish can be easily damaged if touched but it well worth the effort. It's gluten-free so you don't have to miss out on its spectacular finish.

Hint: If our Shiny Chocolate icing looses its sheen (often due to the fact that it has been refrigerated) try whizzing your hairdryer over the top - it will be rich and glossy in no time!

Whipped cream (Chantilly cream)

Natural cream flavoured with vanilla essence and sweetened with a little icing sugar is whipped until thick. It combines beautifully with fruit when used as a topping to our sponge slab cake, is a must for a Pavlova, and complements our many sponge varieties. It may also be used in conjunction with fruit/jam to fill our cupcakes and our lighter chocolate cakes. While whipped cream needs refrigeration we have a stabalised version which stands up reasonably well in hot weather.