Flavours and ingredients - Gluten-Free Cakes

Gluten-free Chocolate Toasted Almond Cake

Toasted crushed almonds replace the flour in this recipe to give a light textured, moist chocolate cake with a wonderful flavour. Sandwiched together with chocolate ganache icing and iced with shiny chocolate icing it is ideal for special occasions. Looks spectacular decorated with fresh flowers or fruit. Because of its light texture, we recommend it be assembled at your reception venue if you choose it as a teired wedding cake.

Gluten-free Orange Syrup Cake

Almond meal, dessicated coconut and lots of almond meal combine with natural orange rind to bring you a tangy gluten-free cake suitable for afternoon tea, dessert or special occasion. Loved and enjoyed by coeliacs and non coeliacs alike it is deliciously moist to the last crumb.

Gluten-free Rich Chocolate Mud Cake

Flavoured with kahlua liquour, its heavy dark and rich, and its gluten free! A chocoholics delight - a little goes a long way This dense cake is ideal for covering with fondant, and is secure for adding teirs.

Gluten-free Rich Dark Fruit Cake

This is our traditional fruitcake recipe featuring soy flour, rice cereal and maize cornflour, which has a similar look and taste to the traditional fruitcakes. Packed with dried fruit, glace cherries and walnuts, these spicy gluten-free cakes need time to mature, so order early. Wheat-free, they can be enjoyed by all.

Gluten-free Sponge Cake

Light and airy, this is a traditional sponge based on gluten free corn flour. Only whipped cream, mock cream and light fillings like lemon curd, passionfruit curd, chocolate ganache or jam are recommended. If desired, we only recommend light-weight icings and toppings to adorn this sponge. An ideal birthday or special occasion cake.

Gluten-free Victoria Sponge Cake

The victoria sponge contains butter which contributes to its keeping qualities. Heavier than our traditional sponge, the victoria sponge is ideal for birthdays, special occasions, and even weddings. Our gluten free version tastes great and may be filled in any way you wish. For a special dessert, why not try whipped cream and strawberries completely enveloped in whipped cream? Alternatively, filled with lemon curd, and enveloped with a cream cheese frosting, or filled and iced with a gluten free chocolate ganache and you're sure to impress.