Designs and inspiration - Corporate cakes

'Tasteful' marketing

Why not try this innovative and tasty way to gain attention for your special occasion! For winning new business, or to add flavour to your current campaign you can build your Corporate Image with quality home made cakes iced and decorated with your own logo or design. At Cakes Plus we have many decadent cake flavours for you to choose from and a complimentary range of icings and fillings.

Your 'bite' at branding

Wether for a launch, a milestone at work, a successful year, a special customer or a prospective customer, our Cakes Plus Corporate Service is ideal for your promotions. Here are some ideas:

Farewell cake
  • Incentive Gifts
  • Introductory Gifts (why not entice potential customers at trade fares with individually wrapped biscuits or small cakes iced in such a way as to promote your business)
  • Staff Birthdays
  • Farewells
  • Company Birthdays
  • Client Birthdays
  • Anniversaries (1st customer, one millionth customer, 1000th issue, silver, golden, etc.)
  • Christmas Gifts (cakes, puddings etc.)
  • Product Launches
  • Special Promotions
  • Press Events

Options for our corporate clients range a simple standard shape inscribed with your choice of message, to a handcrafted 3D model. If you wish, we can place your company logo directly onto the icing of your cake using edible inks and sugar paper. Simply email us a copy of your logo in a jpeg (.jpg) file format, and we will have the image recreated into a delicious but unusual 'slice' of marketing!

Note: We have learnt by experience, it is likely there will be a colour variation between your image as it appears on your computer screen and when printed on your laser printer to when the image is printed on the rice paper with edible inks. Depending on the ink cartridges used there can even be a significant variation in colours between batches, particularly when dark colours are chosen as the background.